Grace is required for all of us. Grace looks beyond appearance and lifestyle to understand that the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross was for all of us.

Jesus said it mainly in
John 13:34-35...
"Love one another as I have loved you. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you love one another." 

We are here to serve the community. Mark 10:45 says "For even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."


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Church Building before the 2000's.
Church Building before the 2000's.

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Sanctuary before the 2000's.
Sanctuary before the 2000's.

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Sanctuary before 2000's before some remodeling.
Sanctuary before 2000's before some remodeling.

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Church Building before the 2000's.
Church Building before the 2000's.

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In 1921, Rev. Roy Ball had a vision to begin a Nazarene church in

Emporia, Kansas. Through his obedience to God's will, Rev. Ball saw the

birth of a small church. The church continued to grow and prosper and,

on January 1, 1924, the Emporia Church of the Nazarene was officially

organized with thirty charter members in the Messiah Lutheran Church,

located on South Avenue & Constitution.

For about 49 years the church moved to different buildings due to the amazing growth they were experiencing and other reasons such as a train interrupting the service making them stop and wait for the train to pass to proceed with worship.

In 1973 under the administration of Rev. Joe L. Bean,

God once again led this band of followers to a new location to continue their ministry to the community- the corner of 24'h & Industrial. Although many questioned the move "to the country" (there was only a water tower and a few houses in the vicinity), God knew that in a short time this church would become an integral focal point to the community.


In 1987, an Activity Center was constructed to serve as

place of fellowship, worship and celebration. Today we enjoy a beautiful

facility, a prime location "in town", and a family of believers whose desire

is to share the gospel with their community.

As we celebrate God's faithfulness in the past 97 years, we also

look ahead with the same expectation of God's faithfulness in the future.


Rev. Roy Ball

Rev. Aaron Hulse
1924 - 1925

Rev. Elmer Poole
1925 - 1934

Rev. Samuel Linge
1934 - 1936

Rev. C. Harold Ripper
1936 - 1938

Rev. Darrel L. Slack
1938 - 1942

Rev. Orvil P. Hess
1942 - 1946

Rev. Mark Chinn
1946 - 1947

Rev. O. W. Eudaley
1947 - 1953

Rev. Steward Reed
1953 - 1960

Rev. Darrell Moore
1960 - 1965

Rev. Jack Abbott
1965 - 1971

Rev. Joe Bean
1971 - 1975

Rev. W. S. Muir
1975 -  1978

Rev. Paul A. Williams
1978 - 1980

Rev. James F. Ruppert
1980 - 1983

Rev. Norman V. Rickey
1983 -1987

Rev. Michael W. Benson
1988 - 1992

Rev. Jon M. Fillipi
1992 - 2005

Rev. Mark Henson
2005 - 2019

Rev. Paul Meinke
2019 - Present