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This years Nativity, "A Journey Through Bethlehem," came to life at our church. Thanks to the organization of Everett and Terry Weems, all this was possible and available to our community and all people that came through from different towns. We extend our gratitude to all those who participated in the construction/reconstruction of Bethlehem, to all who made/donated costumes, that made cookies & hot cocoa, and to all who worked during the nativity, none of this would be possible without your commitment and willingness to bring the message to our community. A special thanks goes to all those who prayed endlessly when some of our structures went down due to the severe weather that happened 2 days before the event.
A big THANK YOU! to all who drove/walked through and witnessed the presentation of the birth of OUR SAVIOR!

We had 400+ vehicles, several 8ft long tables full with canned 
goods and over $1,900 that were donated that will be given to the Salvation Army:
Surpassing our numbers from previous years in every way!


An invitation from our leaders.


Live Nativity



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